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Early Editions

Using earlier editions can save you more than 80% on textbooks!

How do I know an early edition will work for my class? 

In most cases, students report complete success. Occasionally, the publishers' update may include different page numbers, rearranged variations of the title, rearranged author names, new author names, author nicknames, and brand new special cover photos.  But the simple fact is. changes are normally insignificant and any minor inconveniences caused by page numbering are still worth the tremendous savings.  Nevertheless, we are always here to assist you should have any questions.

Do you sell international versions?

No. These are often cheap, and sometimes illegal photocopies stuffed in a binder somewhere in asia. 

My class will not start until weeks from now.  What if I cancel my course?

We accept returns within 30 days of receipt.  No questions asked.Please email any addition questions to We accept returns within 30 days of receipt.  No questions asked.

Please email any addition questions to


  • An earlier edition can successfully be used in over 90 % percent of all cases where there is an updated version offered by the publisher.
  • College textbook publishers make millions of dollars by releasing the current edition while making minor changes to the page numbering and author titles.
  • The "update" consists mostly of a drastic price increase along with a shiny new cover.
  • Using an earlier edition is the most economical way of purchasing your textbooks for school. It can save a student literally thousands of dollars.
  • Purchasing used books also helps preserve our environment.
  • Our mission is to help students save money.


  • It is always a good idea to check with a professor before purchasing a previous edition. In some rare cases the publishers will change or add problem sets that make it difficult to keep up with assignments.
  • Buy all of your school books with us for maximum savings on your college textbooks.  If you purchase a book and it does not work, we ask that you do not panic but simply return the book for a refund. We will happily accept your return and refund your money.  If you would like to go a step and further and help your fellow students.  Send us an email informing us of the major differences so that we can update our inventory.  Thank you for checking us out.  You are awesome.  

Thank you for checking us out. Happy Savings!